Forms and Documents

Transcript Requests

These are the forms for Transcript Requests.

The transcript should be ready within 2 working days of receiving the request.
  • If mailing request, please send a money gram/money order or cashier's check (made out to Overfelt High School)
  • $5 for each transcript requested must be included. (No Personal Checks will be accepted)
The form will require the following information:
  • The Date of request
  • The name of the Former Student
  • The Student's Date of Birth (DOB)
  • The Student's ID Number from High School
  • A Daytime Telephone Number
  • The Year of the Student's graduation
  • The Number of Unofficial copies being requested -- $5.00 each 
    (Unofficial copies aren't sealed in an envelope)
  • The Number of Official copies being requested -- $5.00 each 
    (Official copies are sealed in an envelope and must not be opened before being sent to a university or college)
  • The name of each school or college that the transcript(s) will be sent to and either its address or Fax number.
For each transcript that is to be mailed, you must provide an envelope addressed to your desired destination with a 44¢ postage stamp.

Please send the request to the address below with a copy of your valid California Driver’s License or ID Card to:

Attention: Registrar
1835 Cunningham Avenue
San Jose, CA 95122


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