B Wing

The first of the new buildings to be constructed (in 2005), this wing houses ten science rooms, each with space for lecture and labs.

empty classroom

C-100 Wing

Built in 2006, the C-100 Building contains 22 classrooms and three common rooms, which are used for a reading lab and two student lounges/study rooms.The classrooms benefit from high ceilings and abundant natural light, and are more energy efficient.

C-200 Wing

Similar to the C-100 Building and built at the same time, this wing is the nerve center of the Lions House. It features a pair of classrooms, C-201 and C-202, that share a wall that can be pulled back to create a large meeting room.

g wing

E and G Wings

Making the most of precious funds, these two wings were completely gutted in 2010 and renovated for use in January of 2012.

Athletic Fields

Over the last three years, the school has been able to resod and level its baseball, softball and soccer fields, recondition the all-weather track, and install artificial turf on the football field.


Gym and Locker Rooms

The Gym, nicknamed The Dungeon, is the second largest in the district seating close to 1600 persons. Both the boys' and girls' locker rooms were renovated in 2011, adding a varsity room which is available to all the school's teams.

The library remains a hub of student learning on campus. It has three computer labs in addition to a "class set" of computers in the main room. It is also the home of afterschool tutoring four days a week and the location for "START Saturdays."

library lab

Multimedia Lab

A state-of-the-art multimedia lab was installed in 2010. It boasts 24- and 27-inch iMac computers with a complete suite of Adobe products for the production of digital images and videos and a sound recording studio.