CVK @ Mid-Autumn Youth Festival

C V K - M A Y S

It is my pleasure to announce that our very own CVK (Chinese-Vietnamese-Korean) Club won several awards this weekend at the Mid-Autumn Youth Festival (MAYS) at Yerba Buena High School. Their competitors were mostly other East Side schools.

CVK has been meeting after school and on Saturdays by the C-wing or in the dance room for weeks now, and they are thrilled at the results. Honestly, the registration forms were probably even more work, but they got over that hurdle, too. 🙂

  • 1st place – performance
  • 1st place – olympia (basically relay race/obstacle course)
  • 3rd place – singing

They have certificates they will be hanging in my room. If you see any of the students in the video on campus, please congratulate them! The officers this year are: Taeyang Nguyen, Van Gip, Mimie Truong (who was in the audience taking a video), Kim Chuc, Princess Mariano, Tam Nguyen, and (Thu) Van Nguyen.

On to Multicultural!

CVK @ Mid-Autumn Youth Festival